Why Mexico?

Ibogaine is legal in almost every country in the world. Currently in the United States it is classified as an illegal, Schedule I substance. This is being addressed by many addiction therapy advocacy groups as well as academic research facilities and institutions. Studies of neurological effects have shown no negative side effects under the dose ranges used in addiction therapy.


There are daily flights on Continental, Alaska, United, and Mexicana from every major city in the U.S. and Canada to Puerto Vallarta (PVR). Please book your flight for a Monday and forward your flight information as soon as you have booked your flight. We will provide transportation to and from the airport between 1pm and 4pm on Mondays. Email or fax your full itinerary including airline, flight number, and time & place of departure. Look for the "Dream House" sign. Please don't leave the building. We will find you. If there is any problem, especially if you miss your connecting flight call (415) 272-0552 (dial as if you were calling any US #,) or if you can't find us at the airport, call us on one of our cell phones so we can help you:

(from payphones in Mexico dial)
(If you are calling from a US phone dial 011-52-0-322-xxx-xxxx)

*Note: Flights arriving other than between 1pm and 4pm on Mondays will require that you provide your own transportation the treatment house. Taxis run approximately $50.00(US).

Drop off times are at 10am on Mondays.

Busses from Arizona and San Diego take approximately 30 hours.

Although you are ultimately responsible for yourself and can leave at any time, in the days following your treatment, you may not be in any condition to make sound decisions. For your own safety, we reserve the right to hold you until we determine that you are sufficiently stabilized both mentally and physically. Be advised that we base our schedule on the departure date and time that you arrange before your arrival. If you choose to leave the treatment center earlier than your scheduled departure we cannot guarantee transportation to the airport. If we are able to arrange transportation for you, you may be charged an additional transportation fee.


Under the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative

If you are travelling by air to Mexico, you will need a passport to return to the United States. It usually takes six weeks to obtain a passport, but the U.S. State Dept. offers an expedited service. See the website How to Get Your Passport in a Hurry for more info.


In order to schedule and reserve your space, you will need to send a deposit in the form of a check or cashier's check to our stateside office. The balance must be brought in cash and given to us upon your arrival. We do not accept credit cards or checks at our facility in Mexico. Payment must be received in full before we start treatment. We will refund your money if you cancel more than seven days in advance.

Treatment costs

Cost for treatment varies based on type of substances being treated and length of stay at treatment house. Please contact us for more information about prices.

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