The Awakening in the Dream House is not a traditional facility where the "client" is separate from the "staff." Our intent is to dissolve the illusion of separation that is at the core of the addiction process. We are a "family" committed to providing a fulfilling and comfortable place for people to experience Ibogaine for both emotional and physical detoxification. We offer a safe, clean, and calm setting and will assist in meeting your needs in order for you to follow through with your decision to change. It's an environment supported with the efficacy of Ibogaine. This is a free will clinic. Your ability to move past your present circumstance depends on your intentions. Everyone here has been through this treatment and knows what it's like to go through this. We feel that it is essential for our treatment providers, care givers and staff to have a deep personal understanding of this therapy from their own experience and healing through their initiation. We have respect and understanding of the path you have chosen, and we do our best to provide empathy rather than sympathy.

There have been 10,000 to 12,000 people treated with Ibogaine for addiction interruption worldwide. The Dream House has treated over 400 clients since October 2006. Each individual treatment offers new information into the nature of Ibogaine's capacity to address many different levels of healing, both psychologically and physically. The Dream House has become its own organic healing center, with no institutional guidelines, driven by people's hearts, hands, and desire to help others in the same manner we received our own healing.

We are located 45 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta in San Francisco , a lovely beach community in the state of Nayarit. The latitude here is at the tropic of cancer. This is in a tropical zone, and the natural aspects alone help support treatment. There are warm oceans, colorful birds, singing frogs and insects at night, coconuts to drink, papaya, mangoes, pineapple, bananas, sugar cane, capomo cafe, and organic honey. San Francisco is a small village community. There are chickens, dogs, horses, cattle, and goats that roam freely through the town and many families with children who play together outside. At first this may be very different from where you came from, and is culturally very different from the United States . We recommend you bring ear plugs if you are sensitive to noise. It's very safe here and we are well received by the community. There is a strong sense of a village here where many individuals band together for a common cause. All these aspects contribute to support a similar experience to the origin of this medicine in West Africa , and everything is conducive with the nature of the medicine.

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This treatment is an addiction interruption, and is the beginning to living life without wanting or needing to use something from the outside to be able to function in this world. Our main goal is to help you reach a space where you will be able to make clear decisions free from the influence of chemical substances, and recreating a life that may have never had a chance to exist. We ask that you stay at least two weeks. Of course we recommend you stay as long as you can. The more time you're able to spend away from your home environment the more you can introduce new ways of living so that when you return you have a stable foundation already set.

The integration house is a place for the second week after treatment. This is not an after care house, there is no "program"; it's just a stable environment to regain strength and integrate your experience, return to normal sleep and healthy diet. Any medical conditions that may occur after the first stage of detoxification can be addressed and treated by our doctor. It's not uncommon that the drugs had been covering up other health conditions. Developing natural endorphin balance for pain usually is completed in this second week of treatment. People begin to experience the Nor-Ibogaine metabolite settling inside the body. Its effects include loss of cravings, loss of depression, a general state of well being, and the return of energy. We have seen over and over this second week making the difference in feeling better and going home strong. If small sessions are necessary we provide them. Our therapist will be glad to continue sessions also if you want to explore into more self understanding.

The beach is a short distance away, and we generally have warm sunny weather. You can play sunset volley ball on the beach, practice yoga, go kayaking, surfing , boogie boarding, swimming, fishing, horseback riding, spear fishing, take trips to the jungle, and the orchid gardens. Are all these activities are good for your body's regeneration. There is internet wi-fi in the houses and internet cafes, phones for communication, and lots of little stores for provisions. If you decide to stay longer, we can help you find accommodations, but you will be responsible for yourself.

Meals are prepared by the individuals on staff. We use simple, healthy, whole food preparation and use as much local and organic produce as possible. We keep the refrigerator stocked with lots of good dishes and balanced meals. We try to have sit-down meals together in the evening. There are also many good restaurants that you can visit. We will accommodate any special dietary needs. Please let us know in advance so that we have time to prepare. Good food with love is essential for growth.

We do not allow friends or family at the clinic during the treatment or on the day or two following Ibogaine therapy sessions. It is important that the person doing this work has the opportunity to look fully into oneself, without any outside elements. If a friend or family member decides to accompany you, they will be responsible for their own food and accommodations. We may be able to help them find somewhere to stay, but we cannot make any guarantees.

Please note that this is a serious therapy. It is not a magic bullet, or quick easy way out. There is no easy way out. You may be challenged and at times be very uncomfortable. We realize that this is a stage, and you will create this experience any way you wish. We have continuously found ourselves as witnesses to this truth. However it goes, it is part of the healing process. Ultimately, you are responsible for the final outcome of the treatment. We have made every effort to make the Ibogaine experience as safe and comfortable as possible. We want to make sure you get everything you need for your mental, physical and emotional well being. Our purpose is not to take on the responsibility or control over your life. This is a place for you to follow through with your decision to change and own your decision to embrace change in the way most serving to you. Ibogaine is an opportunity to lay the groundwork for a better life and future. The term initiation fully applies at times with this therapy.