Integration House Overview

After your treatment at the Dreamhouse, as your body and spirit continue to process the ibogaine, you may be moved to our aftercare program at the relaxing Integration House.


The Integration House is a quiet, gated casa in a lively surfing and fishing village, an hour from Puerto Vallarta's airport. It is a secluded hacienda-style house three blocks from the beach and two blocks from the town's center, with bougainvillea, lime and a giant iguana-filled tree providing shade in the cool backyard, the air breezing through. Aside from your private room, there are plenty of spaces at the house to nest in and relax. At the Integration house we will always respect the 'space' of all houseguests. Some solitude after our ibogaine procedure is appropriate and necessary, and we need to take time alone to process what´s happened to us, and why. That said,


It´s a great time to stop isolating ourselves. We know the more time we spend alone the more chance we have to slip back into our negative selves and germinate undesirable behavior. Connecting with others, hearing and telling stories, laughing and joking are vastly important for integrating. It's important to know and reiterate to each other that we aren't alone: that's a big message many of us receive from the medicine. Dialogue helps us figure out why we were where we were, feel great about where we are, and build excitement for where we can go.

Whale watching, Snorkeling, Horseback riding, Surfing lessons and rentals, 4 wheeling, fishing, Bicycling, Zip lines. Spanish lessons, too!

Participating in activities during aftercare can help us integrate, socialize and face fears. Some of the activities listed below are too physically challenging for some of us, and we should never overestimate our physical abilities during this recovery period. This being said, and at your own risk and expense, we can enjoy these activities within minutes of the Integration House. Whale watching , Snorkeling, Horseback riding, Surfing lessons and rentals, 4 wheeling, fishing, Bicycling, Zip lines. Spanish lessons, too! Some of the best fun in town is free, though: checking the action in the ever-changing town plaza, going on jungle walks, and, of course, enjoying the white sand beaches and the Mexico sun! We're 15 minutes from a dramatic, secret beach via an intense jungle trail!


Balanced, restorative and natural meals are crucial in the weeks after our ibogaine treatment . Like newborns, we react strongly to the positive and negative energies of foods. We prefer simple and fresh foods and shun processed and chemical saturated junk foods. We are blessed to have fish from our own bay and fruits from our foothills. Mangoes, papaya, pineapple, banana, coconut and guayaba are fresh from local farmers. Expect special attention to personal dietary restrictions and preferences. Nutritional supplements help many of us rebalance and condition our freshly cleansed systems. Helpful bacteria are reintroduced to our digestive system, which is suddenly absorbing nutrients and energy efficiently. In addition to vitamins, herbal plant supplements , local honey and pre-colonial Mexican remedies may be utilized.


For several reasons, we are especially receptive to body work after our treatment. Acupuncture/pressure, yoga and massage treatments are fully manifested in our re-wired bodies, and extremely stimulating. Specific treatments are at your expense.


For those of us who have interrupted addiction with ibogaine, adopting new and non-addict behavior patterns is essential to success. In most cases, we can't simply go back to our pre-treatment lives as they were--our addiction 'triggers' may be there, our excuses, our elaborate walls of denial, our enablers--these difficulties are still there. We had the opportunity to change, radically and quickly, with ibogaine. Others--in our pre-treatment world--will not have changed at all. Since this dichotomy can be an obstacle to our success, it is essential we use some of our time at the Integration House for structured, specific and rational planning. The facilitator will follow-up with the guest to coach and observe the results of the planning.