Requirements for Treatment

Ibogaine treatment causes wear and tear on the body similar to surgery with anesthesia. Recovery rates are similar in rebuilding strength and stability and recuperation is gradual. At times several days in bed are required before being comfortable . It is necessary to be sure your body will be strong enough to endure the treatment.

Requested medical reports are to be completed in advance for a proper outline of health. Abnormal, irregular, or falsified tests pose serious threats to the outcome of ibogaine treatment. EKG and Blood Work/liver Panel are mandatory prior to arrival in Mexico. A physical evaluation by our doctor is the determining factor; any question to the stability of your health may cause us to postpone or cancel the treatment. A compromised cardiovascular system, pulmonary thrombosis, high blood pressure, varicose or damaged veins, skin abscesses. or other blood clotting problems increase the risk of blood clots moving to your heart in an ibogaine treatment. Documented side effects of bradycardia, (lowering of the blood pressure and pulse), must be monitored. Please be informed that these conditions directly affect your health and increase the risk of possible death or injury.

People over the age of 50 require a stress test in cardio-vascular stability.

Medical History

Prior to treatment you will need to fill out an application providing a detailed medical history and mental health assessment. We ask you to return the application form as soon as possible so that we will have sufficient time to pass on any important information to you to help you prepare for your treatment. For example, if you are taking an anti-depressant like Prozac, you will need to taper off it in the days preceding your treatment. We will give you detailed instructions on how to do this. Similarly, if you have any heart or liver conditions, we will need to accurately assess your situation in order help to prepare you for a safe treatment.

Please answer all questions as accurately as possible, paying special attention to medical and substance use profiles. Incomplete or false information can lead to unintended consequences that may greatly effect your treatment and may lead to serious harm or even death. Keep in mind that most, if not all, of the ibogaine related complications or deaths have occurred because of heart problems, inaccurate reporting of dosages, and/or use of opiates during or just after treatment.

Mental Health

It is important that we accurately know your mental health history. We do not exclude those with pre-existing psychological disorders; however, those with psychotic and schizophrenic disorders need to be evaluated, and we must be informed of any medications you are currently taking.


After you arrive our MD will do a full physical evaluation, and one of our primary facilitators will complete the intake process. We will review your application and make sure you have followed the pre-treatment protocol. If we have any concerns regarding your physical or mental conditions at this time we will update your tests at the local hospital. Your health is our primary concern.


We will not treat anyone with the following conditions:

Pre-treatment Protocols

  1. All medications that you are taking must be listed on the application so that you can taper off any medications that are contraindicated with ibogaine. There are some cross contradictions with certain psychiatric and QT prolonging medications. Common medications like anti-depressants will need to be tapered down for several weeks prior, with no dosages for seven days prior to treatment. Clients can resume their normal prescribed medication 48 hours after treatment.

  2. In the days leading up to your treatment it is a good idea to modify your diet. Whenever possible avoid fried, fatty, salty, or overly processed foods, esp. pork or refined sugars and carbohydrates. Instead eat lots of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, fish, and chicken. For five to seven days before your treatment it is advisable to take a B-12 capsule, 3000 mg of Vitamin C, potassium, magnesium and calcium supplements daily, along with one aspirin. Avoid grapefruit and tonic water (it contains quinine.) These have an effect on QT prolongation, an abnormal heart beat, which has caused problems during ibogaine treatments.

  3. Hydrate the day before. Drink lots of juice or an electrolyte drink such as Gatorade. You will want to reduce your ingestion of liquids as we approach the treatment time (approx. 4 hours before) because it will be difficult to get up and use the bathroom during the initial phases of the session.

  4. On the day of your treatment, eat lightly in the morning or not at all. Your stomach must be empty for the medicine to work properly. Before we begin we will eat a bit of papaya to aid in the absorption of the medicine.

  5. Set a clear intention, and try to sit with it the day of the treatment. This shouldn't be thought of as a roadmap or something to hang expectations on but as a way to get centered within yourself.

  6. It's a good idea to take a nice warm shower or bath before you begin. You will want to be clean in preparation for your journey.