Rocky Caravelli - From Portland, Oregon. Primary Ibogaine facilitator. Initiated and detoxed from methadone, heroin and methamphetamine Dec. 2, 2003.

Worked at the ibogaine Association for 1 year and spent the following 2 years providing treatment in various communities. In 2006 he established the Awakening in the Dream House.

Asha Caravelli - From Portland, Oregon. Business Manager for the Dream House. She shares her love of hiking, reading, family, people, healing and Mexico with everyone. She met the spirit of iboga in February of 2007.

Dr Jose Luis Chavez, MD - From Nayarit, Mexico. Our doctor for all medical needs. An emergency room physician who is particularly interested in the field of mental health, he provides all patients with a thorough physical prior to treatment and provides medical support.

Provides service to the community and is the founder or the Sayulita Medical Group. Was initiated in May of 2009 for the purpose of gaining understanding of the medicine and to be able to relate more fully to his patients.

Roberto Torres - Manages the integration house. Initiated in 2007 for methamphetamine. San Pancho has been his family's home for generations and he is a great guide to the area for nature, local events, kayaking, and many other activities. His main focus is to provide an environment where people can feel comfortable and at home.

Felix Briceno - Born and raised in Nayarit. A wonderful chef and house manager for the integration house. Received an introduction to ibogaine in November of 2009 for personal development. She loves interacting with people and is a great spanish teacher for those who are interested.

Delani Gianna Caravelli - From Portland, Oregon. She met the spirit of iboga when she was initiated in 2006. She currently writes for the Dream House, as well as leads yoga classes and reads astrology charts.  She is a vegetarian chef, and is very helpful in guiding people through the process of integration.