Treatment Protocols

Please investigate Ibogaine treatment on the internet or speak directly with those who have undergone treatment. We will provide names and numbers upon request. Please seek a match in what you feel are important issues to you. Everyone must find where they feel comfortable, that the provider of Ibogaine you choose will be able to give you what you need for a safe and effective experience combined with good nutrition and space to recover. There are many models of Ibogaine treatment so finding the clinic or provider you feel most comfortable with is of top importance. We by no means feel we can help everybody. Each person's needs are different; we do well with those who feel we are a match. Personal beliefs, spiritual beliefs, health, where you came from, where you want to go, what your history has been, are all aspects that are important to take into consideration. This is an intimate experience, it is vulnerable, raw, and you become extremely emotionally open. There are times where you may feel exposed. Where and with whom you go through this with is key to gaining the maximum benefits by feeling supported and cared for.

Stimulants Detox

Stimulants: Methamphetamine, Crystal, Aderall, Crack, Cocaine

There has been a lot of literature in reference to opiate detox and Ibogaine. I personally was a methamphetamine addict for 17 years and because of the effect Ibogaine had, after numerous programs, medications for bi-polar or psychotic tendencies, Ibogaine was the only thing that ever actually removed the imprint of stimulants from my life, including healing any mental fractures diagnosed by psychologists. The Dream House is fortunate to have a foundation of knowledge through our own personal experiences and the adaptation of Ibogaine protocols for specifically treating stimulant use.

Stimulants are very different than other drugs, causing an entirely different type of damage requiring a completely different approach to healing the body, especially the mind. Opiates really affect the body; they are very physical. Although stimulants are physical also, the area that benefits the most is the mind and brain itself. All dependencies change the way the brain works. Methamphetamine probably does more damage to the brain than any other substance. We have seen permanent damage. Even alcohol has potential for permanent damage to the brain.

When we work with methamphetamine addiction there is a unique and different protocol than opiates. Firstly we need to assist people during the initial three days off meth, done here at the house. For heavier users the come down or "crash" can go on for five or seven days. We can't just wait 72 hours and proceed with a full dose Ibogaine. It is too strong and dangerous because the body is detoxing and transitioning to a body without stimulants. Heart rate takes time to re adjust to not having the stimulants and many other areas of the body are struggling in its absence. It would be dangerous to administer a full dose of Ibogaine at this time; it would take any remaining energy out of the system. Ibogaine is a central nervous system stimulant, so we want people starting to feel better before proceeding with the treatment.

We also realize that by the about the third day cravings to use become extremely intense. So we use Ibogaine in 1/4 doses to help ease those cravings. Not enough to use up energy, but to give energy. This helps people stay comfortable and get through those initial difficult days coming off meth. In some cases we may do that two times, two days apart. This really helps people have time to eat and rest well and also relieves anxiety and the compulsion to use. This aspect of the protocol will stabilize you and allow you to feel well enough to permit the body's return to strength.

I have seen this process work well time and time again. By the time you do the main reset, or main session, you already have the real healing properties of the Ibogaine metabolizing, notably the "Nor-Ibogaine". This is why people don't experience cravings; it is the result of the break down compound nor-Ibogaine. If you start with a foundation before the main session to reset the pathways, your chances of moving past meth/crystal are so much more in your favor. This is also something that can be maintained. Nor-Ibogaine stays in the system 6 to 8 weeks. If you take even a little Ibogaine every 6 to 8 weeks, approximately 100mgs, it will maintain the dopamine balance to a normal condition.

It takes much longer for the brain to heal from stimulant use than from opiate dependency. Meth really has "amped up" the release of dopamine over and over, so the ability to feel good naturally has been gone for years, depending on how long you have used stimulants. This is something that I noticed right away; I did not have to go through 6 months of waiting to have energy and a clear minded ambition, along with other basic functions. This is why relapse was so predominant. You just get tired of waiting to feel better and right away when you use it comes back. So it's a very tricky drug and very deeply imbedded in the psych. It's like there are two kinds of addictions; uppers or downers. Dopamine VS endorphins, both vital neurotransmitters for feeling well.

I might not have understood stimulant treatment if I hadn't had the experience myself. I tried every kind of program, psych medications, jails and meetings, rehabs, some for 6 months, long term sober living, everything I could do in earnest attempts to work this out, resulting in maybe a year or two off drugs under very confined life style, feeling vulnerable, waiting for it to come back over and over. Very frustrating. This is why I have spent the last eleven years learning, treating, documenting and sharing my information with other Ibogaine providers, helping to create the union of Ibogaine providers. It is because it worked. Ibogaine actually fixes the mind and body. We currently have accumulated over ten years of experience and done a lot to understand and create the best way to come out of this dependency. We have worked with hundreds of stimulant users.

Crack and cocaine have properties similar to methamphetamine and the treatments are similar because they cannot be in the system along with Ibogaine. People have had seizures and cardiac arrest from the combination of Ibogaine and other stimulants. Not at the Dream House, but I have heard from other providers who have shared close calls, even some deaths directly related to mixing Ibogaine with stimulants. It is really not a good combination. Unlike opiates, Ibogaine has zero tolerance for stimulants in the system.

This is why we work two weeks with people in order to ensure their safety during treatment and recovery. The treatment for stimulants actually takes more time than opiates because it needs to be done in stages. This protocol has resulted in repeated success whereas previous treatments failed to achieve those goals. Two of our staff suffered from serious Meth/Crystal addictions.

Other conditions that can stem from meth or other stimulant use include hyper sexual energy, sex addiction, gambling addiction, obsessive compulsive conditions, eating disorders and bi-polar disorder. Some institutions claim this is the cause of the addiction and using meth is "self medicating", true in some cases. Sometimes institutions try to treat that condition, creating even deeper levels of depression and suicide, not uncommon thoughts. Extended use of meth can create moments of violence, insanity, paranoia, hallucinations, voices and deep distrust; it is a very psychological attack.

Screening needs to be done carefully because Ibogaine is a stimulant and can trigger some of these conditions. We need to clear the mind in preparation so that confusion doesn't interfere with the treatment. The mind can only handle so much before undesired side effects and a break-down of the psych may occur. This is also why treatment for stimulants requires multiple dosing along with a thorough evaluation of someone's mental stability. Stimulants invite so many other conditions on top of the dependency, creating a sensitive set of elements we work to be helpful, not to create more complications.

People choosing to use Ibogaine for meth or crack should have a set of questions for any provider to make sure you'll receive what is needed for your treatment, with an understanding of these substances. Ibogaine is not a "one size fits all treatment" and in some cases providers have not worked with stimulants very often. We suggest getting as much information about how they do the treatment and what their personal and clinical experience is.

Stimulant users seem to vomit more than opiate. They also seem to cling and struggle in "letting go" to the Ibogaine, another reason for the introductory doses. It helps people to feel relaxed and feel better, This allows for the Ibogaine to do its job. In treating stimulant use it's all about control. It's a difficult thing to let go of and allow for this to do the healing. Everybody is different and have different experiences in their past. It's our job to understand where you are "at" to assist in making this a comfortable and effective treatment.

Post treatment there is still a long road of change to complete the opportunity the Ibogaine provided. It doesn't last forever so, using the time wisely post treatment is how people get off and stay off. The fact you're feeling good and not having crawling cravings as a distraction helps to promote change and adopt practices to live a different life style. It's just a window of time, but so much can be done with that time where in other modalities of treatment this opportunity doesn't come, resulting in months before you feel inspiration, strength and desire to make changes. Remaining open to new ideas and support without that feeling of automatic resistance, hopelessness or a "what's the point" attitude which often leads to another round.

It's not unusual to combine stimulants with opiates, again this is a whole other treatment, this is how I found Ibogaine through heroin addiction with meth/crystal addiction. I needed both to function. A lot of work to just stay well. We have treated many dual addiction conditions and would like to continue to inform people as to how to choose what way they want to receive treatment.

Opiates Detox

Opiate detoxification (OxyContin, Morphine, Codeine, Percocet, Heroin, Fentanyl, Hydrocodone etc.)

Opiate detoxification is the main focus of attention for the use of Ibogaine in addiction therapy due to its ability to stop physical withdrawal within two hours after administration. Normally there is an effect felt from the first stage in treatment dosing. We prefer to build the Ibogaine up to treat the symptoms and then flood the system with a therapeutic dose to relieve the body from the uncomfortable stages of withdrawal, such as movement or kicking, shakes, body temperature variations , diarrhea, cramping, skin crawling, anxiety and emotional agitation. What you can expect is teary eyes , sneezing, dilated pupils, and yawning which are common first stage symptoms. Any sign of these symptoms and we can begin treatment. The symptoms that Ibogaine doesn't address are sleeplessness, which can occur for several days, and restlessness which comes and goes periodically through the process. We do try to provide herbs and medications that can sometimes help with this initially, and your body will regain normal sleep habits within a few days.

There are many side effects from the Ibogaine itself. The body still has to process the detoxification, and this is a long and tedious process. You will feel spent from the experience and need to take two to three days to feel energy return. It is not uncommon to spend a few days in bed. The whole body is recreating itself from a chemical dependency that may have been in place for many years.

Pre-treatment protocols include  use of supplements, addressing constipation, a few good nights sleep, eating healthy and  adequate hydration. We also need to stabilize any current medical conditions like blood pressure abnormalities, active infections, digestive problems , liver function, or any other kinds of health conditions that affect the function of the heart or liver in particular. This is essential prior to treatment. If your system is not stable we may continue these protocols for a couple extra days in order for you to be fully prepared.

Our doctor will stabilize you on the appropriate medication in preparation so that you're comfortable and able to function normally. We want you to be relaxed, stable and rested in preparation for treatment. We realize that it's important for the client to feel cared for and know that we're not here to take anything away without replacing it. Either with Ibogaine or a stable proper medication for the preparation period. Many people have tried to use other methods for getting off opiates by switching to synthetic opiates like methadone or suboxone, which generally are stronger and more addictive which  complicates the detoxification process further. Others have attempted to quit the use of opiates completely which causes tremendous suffering, can be potentially harmful to the system, and is a struggle on multiple levels, taking many weeks to feel even remotely normal and still having cravings for the drugs. People have been successful in the 1st week getting threw the "detox" but couldn't tolerate the additional weeks it took to have any energy and started all over again with a sense of one more failure.  Ibogaine is a fair and equal trade, filling in the gaps that were once occupied by opiates. Feeling good again in a matter of days not weeks or months. With no need of having to taking anything not Ibogaine or drugs.

Post-treatment protocols include using hydration, diet and nutritional supplements for regeneration support.  Along with exercise, body work and  massage, you will recover rapidly and aid in the  elimination of the toxins built up from being exposed to narcotics. Pharmaceuticals like valium and soma will aid in some discomfort, but must be managed by our doctor. Overmedicating will slow the process down and make you feel weaker. We try to assist you in sleeping but all these medications seem to lose their effect after a few days.

Please note that this is difficult work on the part of the client. Once we use the Ibogaine we cannot go back to opiates. The use of Ibogaine resets the body to "0" tolerance  AND potentiates opiates by three to four times the normal effect. It is very easy to overdose, so once we begin there is no turning back. This must be an agreement with each individual for the safety of the person and the liability it imposes on the Dream House.

It has also been noted that individuals with past injuries, chronic pain or pain in general may experience the physical pain that has been masked by the use of pain medications. Ibogaine aids in the repair of the neurochemistry, and your own ability to develop endorphins is increased, but there is a reality that feeling has returned, and can feel incredibly amplified. It is necessary to be aware that for whatever duration you have been using pain medications, the body has not had to address its own pain. It often takes a few days to become comfortable again. It needs to be taken into consideration that feeling pain is natural and you will be sensitive to any old injuries.   

Why use Ibogaine? :

New science on Ibogaine has shown that it does not attach to receptors like an opiate but actually refreshes the receptors in the mind and the body. This process is a reset, and once done is complete and it is not necessary to continue the use of Ibogaine on an ongoing basis.  There is nothing else known to science that performs this action of reset and refresh of chemically dependent receptors. It eliminates many of the symptoms of withdrawal in the physical body and resets the mind to a pre-addictive state.  When Ibogaine is processed by the liver, it stores up in the body. It comes from the metabolite, Nor-Ibogaine and resides for several weeks in the body supporting the loss of craving, and many experience this effect for several months afterwards. This is a window of grace to move away from the addiction. Within a few days, if not almost immediately, the cravings for opiates are gone. The mental relationship that one has with substances varies from person to person so it doesn't always just go away, but the physical demand is cleared. This is a head start if applied with a positive embrace of the experience.  This is just the beginning. A plan for the future needs to be implemented and supported for true success.  Having a healthy environment to return to, and not going to old places where drugs are will help in moments of frustration or emotional vulnerability. It is the personal responsibility of everyone to fallow through with their own healing. We only offer an opportunity to break free of the primary chemical dependency.  

What to expect:

The Ibogaine will address about 90% of the withdrawal symptoms . You will feel somewhat tired, but not sick. You will definitely feel something going on in your body, and energy levels will vary. During the first few days there will be discomfort, but much of it can be managed with medications. The most common issue that is experienced is sleeplessness and restlessness which may take up to one week before returning to normal.

This is an uncomfortable and draining process. We suggest you do your best to feel prepared to feel low energy for a period of time. We will offer all we can but still there is a 10% residual effect of detoxification that under normal circumstances is tolerable but may be heightened due to lack of exposure to pain for months or years. Most people who have been through cold turkey or traditional detoxification accept this easily, but those who have not gone through detoxification before may experience discomfort. The body still has to heal and though the major and minor symptoms of withdrawal are controlled, it is still taxing on the system.


Methadone Detox

The treatment for methadone requires extra preparation. One major pre treatment advice is to have at least four days off the methadone. Our doctor will administer medication during this period to make sure there are no withdrawals that occur in preparation. This will aid in a quicker and shorter time for recovery by treating an opiate in its natural state rather than trying to treat the deep seeded methadone. It is beneficial to come prepared to stay at least two weeks to ensure the methadone has been eliminated. The time recommended to stay also depends on, the length of time you have been using methadone, your age, current health conditions, and the daily dosage of methadone.

Methadone releases slowly and is stored throughout the body. It resists elimination more than other opiates; therefore small doses of Ibogaine will be administered as the symptoms arise for several days after the original treatment. This process will continue until symptoms are eliminated. We offer several post-treatment protocols that can aid in your body's recovery.

It is advisable to decrease methadone dosage two weeks before an Ibogaine session. Although it is not absolutely necessary we find that the reduction makes it easier to rid the body of the methadone. It is important to use the supplemental outline for at least one week prior to Ibogaine treatment in order to prepare the body for elimination. We can safely and comfortably treat 160 milligrams of methadone if you're under 50 years of age and have no other health conditions. For over 50 years of age, 80 Mg. of methadone daily or lower is our request. Your current physical conditions effect how we can use the ibogaine and at what rate we can reduce the dependency. If you are not in good physical shape we may need extra time to safely prepare and lower the tolerance. We want to be effective and keep you comfortable and safe. We can meet most people where they are at, you may need an additional week in cases. It's important to not rush into this treatment with other health conditions. Long term methadone dependency is very hard on the body. its very different than opiate dependency most opiates are not very toxic to the body where as methadone depletes many areas in the system. We want to protect and provide you with the maximum benefits.

Suboxone Detox

Our experience with suboxone has made us educated on the nature of this synthetic opiate. Suboxone is 100 times stronger than morphine, and also 1000 times stickier in the receptors. In other words, it layers into the receptor and also blocks opiates and Ibogaine in the first days of stopping. 

We have a mandatory period of three weeks off suboxone. You can switch temporarily to Morphine or Oxy Contin or some other stable opiate medication. Dosage will depend on how long you've been on suboxone more than the dosage you were taking. This cannot be compromised or it will take weeks to get the suboxone out.  It takes four days for the suboxone to begin leaving and lasts up to three weeks until it has left the body entirely.  In cases where they were on 2 mg for 4 years or more, it could require up to 6 weeks before the Suboxone has been able to leave the body so that the Ibogaine has available receptors to reset. This also depends on your age.  Ibogaine can only treat what the body has available.  These were hard lessons to learn with this relatively new medication and has taught us what we must do to ensure success and be comfortable though the process. We have become very experienced with this synthetic pharmaceutical.

       We have two ways of preparing people for Ibogaine therapy to address suboxone addiction. The first is to go off the suboxone and replace it with a standard opiate like OxyContin, or Ms Contin under the guidance of your doctor.  We will give the proper dose transition to help you remain comfortable. Many doctors have been very cooperative in this recommendation, and have been supportive with people to help to prepare for treatment. Your second option is to come to Mexico and our doctor will create a stable transition for you here for three weeks. This will have to be in addition to the normal fee for treatment making it a five week stay with us, rather than two weeks. It's $1800 USD a week to stabilize. We will provide all medications, housing at the integration centers, meals and daily evaluations through our physician Dr. Jose Luis Chavez MD.

It is a necessity to have the suboxone out of the body prior to treatment. This is to aid in a safe, comfortable and quick recovery. We will not, and cannot, compromise this protocol. Our experience is that suboxone is so resistant and has such a long half life that this is the safest way to return from a life of chemical dependency. Under these conditions it is the same as a short acting opiate and will allow you to return to a normal life style with the same benefits Ibogaine provides post treatment.