Treatment Overview

We have created a framework for your treatment that includes pre and post treatment preparations for safety and effective completion of detoxification. Treatments are monitored by experienced Ibogaine facilitators. We work closely with our primary care physician, Dr. Jose Luis Martinez Montalvo, who will perform all necessary physical examinations, and address any needs prior to treatment. We allow a window of a few days after you arrive in Mexico to stabilize eating, sleeping and hydration habits, supplementation and nutritional normalization and any other medical or physical needs prior to treatment. We will be sure you remain comfortable during this time period, and you may receive medications beforehand in order to achieve safe levels of stabilization. We will be sure to do this based on the levels of your current physical dependency. We want you to feel comfortable in this environment, and increase your physical health and strength prior to treatment. We are three blocks from a hospital in case any need for medical care arises. Sessions will be conducted in our therapy house with 24 hour monitoring by experienced staff and facilitators. Our doctor will be available as well if necessary.

The dose ranges and treatment protocol will be specifically designed to provide you with what you need on a physical and personal level. We will evaluate your conditions, and dosages will be adjusted according to your strength and sensitivity. In many cases, the first stages of detoxification require follow up doses. We know that the Ibogaine in itself is responsible for a great deal of your healing and detoxification process, and it is sometimes necessary to spread this process out over a period of time to allow your body to regain stability and strength in your health. Ibogaine therapy has similar requirements to minor surgery using an anesthetic. General stress on the body is similar, as are recovery times. This treatment is an addiction interruption; it marks the beginning of living life without harmful dependencies, and the ability to make clear decisions without the influence or presence of chemical substances or medications. We ask that you stay two weeks, but recommend you stay as long as possible. The more time you can spend away from a home environment the more you can introduce new ways of living and a stable foundation.

Side Effects

Ibogaine is known to have a few unpleasant side effects. Not everyone experiences all of them, but it is important to be aware of all of them. Almost everyone feels some form of motion induced nausea. It is important to remain as still as possible during the initial phases of the journey. Roughly a third of patients will vomit. For some this can be very intense and may continue for several hours. This is a normal part of the healing process; a way for the body to rid itself of physical and psychic toxins. Many people also experience auditory and visual distortions during the first six hours. Anxiety and intense body sensations are common at times, but these disappear completely after 36 hours. Extended periods of restlessness and sleeplessness may occur, and extreme physical discomfort during the "waking up" process. This is not a warm fuzzy psychedelic. It has moments of many different sensations, some very beautiful and loving and some very intense and uncomfortable. It is different for everyone, and it is best to come to this with no expectations or wishes. Allow for openness and acceptance for it to be what it is. These conditions make things easier.

Final Thoughts

Ibogaine therapy is not a quick fix. It is a pathway to a deeper sense of self; an opportunity to establish a new way of being.
You are essentially being reborn and the more time your new sense of self has to stabilize, the greater the potential for a full, long-lasting recovery.

It cannot be stressed enough; this is a highly personal experience, and each individual's journey will be uniquely suited to his or her specific needs. Not everyone will experience visions or witness memories of childhood (for those that do, it may or may not be in an emotionally detached way.) This will not affect the success of your treatment. The medicine works on many levels simultaneously ; many of which we are not consciously aware.

On the day following treatment many are left with the impression that it "didn't work" or that they would "never recommend this to anyone." We are continually reminding people to wait a few days before they pass judgment. For some this may be the beginning of a long, arduous process. Sometimes more than one treatment is necessary. It all depends on where you are on your path of unfolding.

If you are dealing with a hard-core addiction process, the medicine may only be able to work on the physical part of your addiction. You may need to return for another treatment to work on the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of your process.