In October 2005 Rocky came to San Pancho Nayarit, and opened the Awakening in the Dream House. It was his long time dream to create a new model of addiction therapy that was inclusive of an individual's needs, with their health and wellness being the foundation, and the truth of self-healing as the theme. In 2009 Asha Caravelli joined in the family operation and became an experienced women provider. Together they support an integrative Ibogaine experience, keeping a balance of male and female energies present within the container. Their daughter, Delani Caravelli has been working doing sessions since 2006 and has become a young woman provider in her our rite, starting at 15, assisting in Portland when we were just beginning. Our family is together again in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico and returning to our original hope to be a family for people to come to and do transformative personal therapy.

As of January 2017, we closed the San Pancho Dream house and have relocated to San Miguel De Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico, We had come to the end of a 10 year commitment made in 2005 to create a sustainable model using Ibogaine for treating addiction. 650 people came and received this experience safely with no fatalities. Rocky treated an additional 150 people during his time working and training from 2003-2006 mostly in the underground based in Portland Or. We wanted to re-kindle our original style how it started in Portland 14 years ago. In a small city community based township, with more therapeutic follow-up and being able to do out-patient style therapy for depression and emotional conditions which don’t always require a full initiatory type session but low dose increments and follow-up care.

One of the traditional uses of the medicine Iboga is to shed the scars of the past and walk forward into your adult life prepared and self aware of the dream-like nature of this world. In many cases the Iboga allows a person to walk through a door of freedom, where they can leave behind the memory of addiction and enter a new life with a purpose, to return to their original dharma, with which we are all born with. We would like to share our overview of the workings in this treatment. So much information is not explained about the action of Ibogaine and how we have seen it work with a multitude of people and conditions.

To date 25,000 people have taken Ibogaine for detox worldwide. The benefits and uses outside addiction interruption are not normally listed, to expand the awareness of what people are inviting into their lives when doing this therapy When properly provided and supported, Ibogaine moves people from one life into another. Not everyone detoxing is wanting this level of change. It may not be the right treatment for someone, it is a commitment, and will be difficult and uncomfortable to those who wish to “just detox”. Ibogaine can not change one part of your life with out affecting all the parts. People are shocked at seeing their actions in contributing to this, the truths behind our motives to use. How we have manipulated people and placed others and ourselves in a dark world. We are working towards providing more information regularly, and also including the other uses of Ibogaine for personal development.

All aspects of a person's well-being are touched. Ibogaine alkalizes the body within hours. All physical disease thrives in an acidic environment. One in ten cases Ibogaine has the effect of an anti-viral, clearing hepatitis C with one session . It can treat the herpes virus and suppress out breaks. We are working on a maintenance protocol for Herpes requiring low dose TA “ Total Alkaloid Extract “ at the onset of the nerves being stressed. Ibogaine is moving voltage through the brain. It is breaking down the neuro-network of information created by exposure to drugs. It is directly associated with compulsive habits and unconscious thoughts associated with obsessive addiction. Once exposed to drugs the brain remembers how to create that same experience. It shifts how everything works internally, waiting for drugs to release dopamine and endorphins to feel "normal."

Ibogaine is working with serotonin, dopamine, endorphin and adrenaline uptake. This is how the body feels good. If we supplement these externally with drugs the body stops producing these normally. This is why people don't feel right after they stop using drugs or medications. The body's chemistry is out of balance. Ibogaine re-sets the normal release and function of the body’s own feel-good transmitters. This is what makes Ibogaine an actual treatment not just stopping symptoms. PAWS beyond addiction recovery is being re-balanced to work normally again. This in itself is an unheard of healing. Many times people get through detox but after weeks of feeling bad with no energy, not sleeping well, stuck in busy mind and struggling to make it, many give in to relapse.

You can not take away something with out replacing it with something. No matter if you use drugs or not, these conditions of how your “feel good” neuro-transmitters are working (or not working) is a growing common social problem. Anxiety, depression, lack of motivation and no inspiration, are all linked to this imbalance, Modern medicine offers anti-depressants or mood stabilizers to fix the symptoms, but really are just causing more problems in how the mind functions properly.

Ibogaine appears to start in the body and work its way up to the mind, it is entering every cell, expanding the GDNF cell wall membrane, creating neuro-plasticity in the cells all over the body. This is like a cellular message, working with each individual cell and it's information stored inside, creating an up-to-date version of your past traumas, losses, grief and compulsive responses to stress. Ibogaine helps people move forward and not get stuck in old repetitive thoughts and memories.

The Oneirogenic (dream creating) property is a psychological evaluation of the self, as if your going through your own life experiences in a rapid-release movie-picture of information. It appears as if the memories in the body's cells are like bubbles of information, moving to the brain and creating a story line inspired by the Ibogaine in visions of 3D clarity. Many people feel as if years of therapy are being resolved within hours. This is the kind of effect we are trying to prepare people to receive. Ibogaine offers guidance for a few months, a window of opportunity. This is the metabolite, Noribogaine. Where you have the sensation of emotional support expressing itself as energetic well-being, a clear mindedness, loss of cravings, no longer looking outside to feel good inside. This happens 72 hours after session and lasts for 2-6 months.

There is a common law that people can only receive what they are emotionally and physically prepared to receive.

Ibogaine won’t just drop a whole new history and information on someone who is just struggling to get out from trauma or addiction. TIME is a part of all healing and in many cases, stages of work need to happen. Some people have been hit really hard by life. What we have seen is that by working with the medicine at 8-12 month intervals is beneficial. First, physical healing, the main problem. Then mental/emotional conditions are being addressed allowing for a deeper spiritual understanding to come forward.,

These are extreme cases where people have been gone or lost for years. This may be frustrating because people want change, they want to feel better now, they are tired and feel like there is no hope for change. By working in stages, depending on where someone is at, they can re-build from a long road of habitual life styles. So much depends on personal intentions, being honest with oneself, being willing to work out the difficulties and seek outside help where its needed. Willing to do what ever it takes. Healing still follows natural laws and requires time. This is an over view and some of the information which is not being expressed in many cases. Ibogaine is still very new and not fully understood.

We have been working with an organization, Living Clean Ibogaine for after-care post Ibogaine. LCI offers 6 week intensive follow-up post Ibogaine. This has increased the best possible results and outcome from working with Ibogaine that we have seen. Years of abuse need time and support to complete the cycle of healing. Alot happens in one session, but follow-up after-care gives even more of a chance to keep moving forwards. Today there are good competent clinics here in Mexico. Deciding where to go and who to work with is as important as the decision to take Ibogaine. People need to make calls, read websitesand talk with providers to determine how and what are the right conditions and environment for you to do this. Price is always a factor in deciding but it shouldn’t determine what the best conditions for you are. Try not to be focused only on price, so much more is at stake.

This is an intimate experience and people should feel comfortable and not rushed, able to understand the process, to feel safe and secure, to have a good feeling inside for who and where they are working with the Ibogaine. We would like to help people to know the important questions to ask when looking for an Ibogaine treatment.

These are important questions which are vital to success and your comfort going through the hard stages of this experience.

At the Dream House, we are working to empower our clients to learn to trust their own intuition, instincts, thoughts and feelings in order to determine their own truths. We do not want to project our personal beliefs, but instead allow this to be a place where they can make clear distinctions without the constant mind chatter associated with addiction and emotional conditions. Ibogaine is both a physical and mental cleansing and purification process. We help create a space to remove chemicals from your body, as well as break the cycles of dependency from your mind. For many, this is the first time in their entire lives to experience this kind of freedom. We do not impose beliefs around using, nor promote abstinence or non-abstinence. We feel we have created the best conditions to allow for someone to look within themselves to resolve those things which are important to them. Not what we think or the world believes they should think. We have to start to learn how to best get along with ourselves.

As of today we are looking forward to re-creating the approach we had in the beginning. Continuing our own growth and development, to be able to expand the uses of Ibogaine for many other health conditions. Ibogaine is constantly teaching us of its potentials to help people to overcome a whole collection of ailments which in the beginning were not being addressed.We continue to learn one session at a time.

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